Established in 2020, Borg Bonaci Architecture is a design and architecture studio, working on a variety of projects through interdisciplinary collaboration.


The founder, Clive Borg Bonaci, graduated as an architect from the University of Malta in 2014 and furthered his studies by obtaining a Master’s degree in Architecture.

Prior to founding the practice, he worked on projects of different scales, including various important public projects.

BBA is driven by the relationship between architecture, interior design and the urban context, offering its services throughout different stages; from design to completion. Borg Bonaci Architecture works on an extensive range of projects, from residential to commercial, from private commissions to public projects. Nonetheless, irrespective of the type and scale of the projects, the studio’s mission statement remains the same.

The studio’s principles are best described by quoting Kenneth Frampton’s (2007) assessment on the profession’s different ways of approaching the practice of architecture. In his book The Evolution of 20th Century Architecture the author summarises the approaches to design into two main typologies:

Product-form, refers to an architecture as a resultant design product driven by material, structural and technological criteria; and the Place-form approach, where place-making is given priority over production per se. The studio has adopted the latter approach, where the context, spirit of the place and client requirements are the main design parameters.


Borg Bonaci Architecture focuses on architecture and interior design, through collaboration with various stakeholders and professionals. 

The studio also offers a range of ancillary services, including those related to:

Landscape and urban design

Building conservation

Planning permit procedures


Property valuation